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About The Company
Kale Door Window Systems provides service; with the concept with ‘Exhaustive Safety’, under Kale Kilit, presenting integrated safety products. The trademark Kale Door Window, meeting espagnolette, single window, double window, wall shear, accessory and lock needs of PVC Aluminum door and window sector, by reaching to leadership at the sector in Turkey, is progressing in being a worldwide trademark.

Kale Door Window products are being produced by Kale Kilit ve Kalıp Sanayi A.Ş., presented to the service of professionals of the sector. Kale Door Window Systems, with its experienced engineer and sales time, bringing new generation products in through its unique, patented design which are in compliance with market conditions and brings new habits to the users.

Kale Door Window Systems, by creating its production capacity at a structure which will have corner at foreign market in addition to Turkey, makes difference with its products giving particular importance to environment and human health at various countries such as Iran, Iraq, Ukraine, notably Russia. Its full automatic Alkali Zinc Plating Facility and Lacquering Unit, operating originally, has an important place among its products successful in the field of technology.

The responsibility of being the leader local firm at international quality reflects to the success of products and this success, by not being limited with Turkey, is spread to new markets in the world. The concept of quality and trust, identified with the trademark of Kale, exceeding half century, also continues at the accessory sector with the same success. ​