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​Corporate / Corporate Social Responsibility / 2011 - 2015


Turkish Republic Ministry of Health Sadık Özgür Divriği State Hospital​ 

Lodging building having 12 apartment flats for hospital personnel and a hospital with 96 beds capacity have been constructed up on 21-decares land. Hospital and lodging building have been handed over to Ministry of Health. Sadık Özgür Divriği State Hospital is one of the most important projects that Kale Industry has realized in order to improve life quality, contribute to the humanity and for healthier Turkey. In addition to the hospital, charity campaigns and ambulance aids are also the other significant projects supporting this approach.

2013 - 2014

Unicef Future Ste​p By Step Project
Kale Industry Holding has completed Future Step by Step project by Unicef and Ministry of National Education cooperation in order to make idle buildings under MoNE administration usable for education. All over Turkey, this project has been implemented in 20 different locations, 8 different cities in total. Construction and repair works have been performed as well as tool-equipment and furniture supports within project scope.​​​


March 8th World Women's Day Awareness Raising Project​
Within scope of March 8th World Women’s Day, on behalf of Kale Industry Holding Employees, donation has been granted to Purple Roof Women’s Shelter Foundation with “Safety first for the women” motto. The target of the project is drawing attention against violence to women and creating an awareness on this fact among the company.

Lösev-Lay a Brick On Thr Wall Project
Kale Industry Holding is the leader of security in Turkey. Kale Industry Holding has donated for LÖSEV Oncology City located in Ankara city centre within “Lay a brick on the wall” project. Thanks to this support, special equipment and devices for diagnosis and treatment of the patients will be purchased for the hospital.

Corporate Social Responsibility/ 1990 and before


Construction of a primary school in Divriği with a capacity of 600 students and 15 classrooms. Construction of a middle school with a capacity of 500 students.


• Education for 20 students from the villages of the Divriği district of Sivas at Behçet Kemal High School and Erenköy School for Girls in Istanbul.
• Drinking water delivered from 10 kilometres away to residents of Bayırüstü Village in Divriği.
• Construction of roads in the Samancı Deresi villages in Divriği.
• Construction of a bridge in Samancı Deresi village in Divriği.

​Corporate Social Responsibility / 1999 - 1990


The construction of the Vocational High School in Divriği with a capacity of 600 students and a conference room with a capacity for 200.



Providing scholarships to 100 students annually.


Significant contributions made to Divriği Metal High School annexed to Sivas Cumhuriyet University.

Corporate Social Responsibility / 2004 - 2000


• An ambulance was donated to Divriği Municipality.
• School buses were donated to the Sivas Gazi High School for the use of female boarders.
• School buses were donated to Divriği Municipality.


Collaboration with the Burglaries Department of the Izmir Police Directorate on a project entitled “How to Protect Yourself Against Burglaries”.

Corporate Social Responsibility/ 2010 - 2005


T.C. Ministry of Health Sadık Özgür Sivas Divriği State Hospital
The construction of a hospital in the district of Divriği with a bed capacity of 96 and 12 housing units for staff, built on 21.000 square meters to be transferred to the Ministry of Health.
The hospital is due for completion at the end of 2010 and will be fully equipped with office furniture and fittings, office equipment, patient beds, dressers and cupboards, X-ray and ultrasound equipment, stretchers, staff canteen equipment, laundry machinery and supplies.


WWF World Wildlife Fund Project
Financial support was provided to WWF Turkey for their projects aimed at preserving Turkey’s natural resources. The 4-hectare “Sadık Özgür Memorial Forest” was planted in the Divriği district of Sivas.


Güngören Municipality Sadık Özgür Playground
Land measuring 2044 square meters was donated to Güngören Municipality.


An 8-storey building measuring 2600 square meters was donated to the Foundation which provides scholarships to 100 students annually and organises social and cultural activities.


The publication of a book containing visuals of 200 historic doors.


Donations to the “Asya Ağlıyor” (Tears of Asia) and “Şimdi Sıra Bizde” (Now it is Our Turn) campaigns. The main road where housing for earthquake victims in Sri Lanka is located is named the “Sadık Özgür Street”.

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